Pacific Beach Adventure

Being productive in San Diego is quite easy since there is always something to do and it’s always nice out! Last Sunday I definitely took advantage of my day off and having my new bike. I’ve been wanting a bike for quite some time now (a commuter bike, since I already have a mountain bike). So last week Ty was able to get me a super cute cruiser bike from his work…look how pretty it is!

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The bike is a Firmstrong Bella Fashionista single speed in matte black with pink rims and a black basket! I am in love with it! I originally wanted to get a road bike, since I’ve biked with those in the past and love them. But being in San Diego I wanted to embrace the lifestyle (and cruiser bikes is definitely a SoCal kinda thing).

On my productive day off I started off with 10am yoga on the ocean. The instructors name is Namasteve which I find hilarious and quite punny (get it..pun..punny). The yoga is on Law Street Beach and there were about 50-70 people there! This is a really cool experience I recommend for anyone visiting or that lives here. It’s based on donations and the usually recommended donation is $8 (which is much cheaper than any yoga studio). I assumed it would just be an hour long yoga session, but it was an hour and a half!

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This is the view from my yoga mat (doesn’t do it justice)

It’s almost impossible to not find inner peach while doing yoga with the view of the ocean, hearing the waves crash on the shore, and having people all in unison with you. Namasteve is an excellent instructor he challenged me to new poses that pushed my flexibility, but also made it clear not to push yourself to far (“force is always met with resistance” is what he repeated quite often). For anyone who wants to try a class he has one every Saturday and Sunday at 10am!!

All the Yogis

The image above shows what a class can look like. I unfortunately didn’t get a good photo of everyone so I borrowed this image from Morganmichele. Link to her blog posted at the bottom.

After yoga I met up with my friend Erika for some Java Earth. She had been telling me for quite some time how delicious this place is and so today was finally my day to test it out! Java Earth is located on Cass street and is a super cute cafe with both indoor and outdoor seating! We decided to get a couple things and share since I always love sharing and wanted to try multiple things. We decided on the PB Bagel (which had homemade pesto, cream cheese, tomato, and avocado) and the Acai Works (This consisted of acai, blended with apple juice topped with organic hemp granola, sliced bananas, strawberries, blueberries and honey).

I also got the Ginger Boost Organic Green Kombucha Tea, which was delicious. This combo was so good and very filling! I have had some trouble with Acai bowls in the past being a little watery, this one was thick and almost like sorbet!

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Where we parked the bikes while eating! How cute are we!

After our tummies were full we decided to bike around Pacific Beach. I really needed to test out the new bike. So we started along Ocean Front Walk! The path is basically right on the ocean, you have beautiful views the entire way, and the weather was so nice that there were a lot of people out (spring break also brought out a bunch of people). We biked through Mission Beach and made it to the Jetty. I’ll be completely honest, I had no idea what a Jetty was before this. I didn’t know they had a name or that is was a cute name like Jetty!

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This rock barricade is a Jetty for those who didn’t know (like myself)

Despite seeing “do not climb signs” we climbed the rocks to the graffiti arches (we’re such rebels). The rocks are huge, basically boulders and were pretty easy to climb on. The warning we had originally spotted was when the tide was high or when the waves get to big (but it looked safe enough, about 10 other people were climbing them too). Once we made it to the arches we found out they weren’t actually arches but a small building. So of course we couldn’t miss such a prime photo op and decided to snap a few to remember this cool/ sketchy place.

Lucky for us there was a couple out there that we traded taking photos for, so we were able to capture one together! Another cool thing about the Jetty is that there are surfers out by the end of it. Apparently the waves can get pretty narly out there. We got to watch a couple of guys catch some pretty sick waves. Unfortunately I can’t upload videos to my blog yet…coming soon!

After getting off the Jetty we decided to keep exploring. So we biked back up Ocean Front Walk and cut over to Mission Bay. Mission bay is much calmer, the water is calmer and there are less people here. We didn’t have to do as much people weaving on this path. After biking around the entire thing and working up an appetite we started making our way back to mission beach. We parked our bikes at Erika’s home and then drove to get some IN-N-OUT!!

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We wanted to try and be slightly healthy by getting the burger with a lettuce wrap instead of a bun. This I do not recommend. Definitely not the same without the bread. I was quite disappointed, but what should I expect? No unwich is ever better than the real thing!

In-n-out was the last stop of our adventure! After today I recommend eating at Java Earth, trying a Cruiser bike, wearing sunscreen, and not ordering a bun-less burger!


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