PB Fish Shop

Yesterday was the first day my boyfriend (Tyler) and I had off together in almost three weeks. Since we currently have only one car between the two of us, when we get a day off it usually mean running errands and trying to squeeze some fun in-between. Yesterday started like any other errand day. I had made my list of stops and planned out the order to save driving and time. Once we hit our first stop though, my nicely planned day was put put on a standstill.

The first errand was to get a new Catalytic Converter put in my 2000 Subaru. California has the strictest rules on car exhaust, which I won’t get into it now because there’s a lot to it and quite frankly I don’t understand half of it. Anyways, we drop the car off to which I think it will take about 2 hours to get done (that was what Google had told me). The mechanic soon informs me that it will take closer to 3. Ok, that doesn’t throw off my plans too far, we can work with that.

So we ran around to a few stores that were close and checked off some things on the list. One of these errands was getting a vacuum. I have to say, this might have been the second best thing of the day. So I am a clean freak. I love everything orderly, clean, and smelling good. So when we moved into our new apartment with two dogs and four people, the carpet is bound to get dirty. So we went to Home Depot to get a couple other items for around the house, when we came across the vacuum section. I was just going to buy the least expensive one ($68 Dirt Devil). The only problem was all the boxes for the vacuums were up high on the next shelf, so we were stuck waiting for some assistance. While we waited I decided to peruse the rest of the store for the other items, I left Tyler to take care of the vacuum issue. When I came back Tyler was pushing around the $200 hoover vacuum that I told him was too expensive. But, he started smiling and told me to calm down. The employee that had helped him didn’t have the two base model vacuums that we were looking for. So, he gave us the Hoover vacuum for the same price as the slightly more dirt devil ($98). This was my dream come true. Now I had a really nice vacuum (the one I secretly really wanted) but for the same price as the economy one I was going to get. This trip was a success. (On a side note: when I got home I of course had to check out the suction power of my new vacuum. The results were frightening. I had filled almost the entire vacuum in one sweep of our living room. Our living room is 12′ x 14′. The floor looks and feels 1 billions times better).  Here is a picture of the beautiful vacuum which I definitely recommend.

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset
Hoover Air AKA dirts worst enemy

Once we dropped off the vacuum and other items we headed back to the car mechanic to pick up our car. Once we got there however we found out that our car would need another 2 hours. Ok, so this really was about to mess up our plans. I had to get my dog Ava to the vet to get her vaccinations by 3, it was currently 2pm. So now that the rest of our errands had been pushed to another day, we decided to grab some lunch. This is when we realized how close we were to Pacific Beach Fish Shop. I had been to this restaurant one time before when my roommates brother was in town and treated us here (it was delicious the first time also).

We decided that we needed to charge back up and get some tacos. Now, PB Fish Shop is not your typical fish shop. The fish is so fresh and cooked perfectly that my mouth is watering thinking about it. The menu starts by asking you three questions:

  1. Fish
  2. Marinade
  3. Style

They have many things to choose from including, Ahi, swordfish, and scallops. The seasonings are equally as impressive with things like, blackened seasoning, chipotle glaze, and fish shop seasoning (my favorite). The style varies in taco, sandwich, salad, or plate. I’m obsessed with tacos so I have done chosen tacos every time, but my friends said the other styles were just as delicious. They do have other food items besides the pick your own fish (cold and hot plates) we always get the calamari (which is amazing). So yesterday we indulged in two TKO Tacos (which consist of Mahi Mahi, Fish Shop Seasoning, served with a tropical salsa, on either corn or flour tortillas) AKA the best tacos in San Diego and for only $5!!!!!!! Tyler and I also usually like to get a basket of fries since they are delicious and I love fries. Here is our spread from yesterday!

Processed with VSCOcam with q9 preset

They also have a very nice selections of beers (I don’t usually drink beer, more of a wine and cider kind of gal) but I found one local beer I typically enjoy. I got Coronado’s Orange Wit beer, and Tyler got the Ballast Point Sculpin IPA.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

We definitely took our time here since they have a beautiful outdoor seating area and we had 2 hours to kill. We did have to get the car back at some point. We made our way back to the mechanic (again) and after another 45min we were able to take our car home (Hallelujah)! We passed the smog test and can officially become a California resident. All in all we got a awesome vacuum, delicious tacos and seafood, and had fun doing it. If anyones looking to buy some time or just eat some really good seafood, you definitely need to head over to PB Fish House.

Here’s a link to their website if you want to check it out!


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